Edge of Regret Review

Title: Edge of Regret

Author: Molly E Lee

This is book 7 in the Love on the Edge series, see my other reviews here;

1 –

We first met Wade in the last book; Edge of Brotherhood, there was obviously something that went on with his ex but we didn’t really get a lot of details. 

Well, we’ve certainly got them now! Not only what happened between them when they were younger. But a fab look into both their lives inbetween. 

I really liked the flashbacks into Mackenzie’s history and how they blended into the story. We already knew a bit about what Wade has been up to and it was nice to see some of that from her point of view also.

They are a fabulous couple with a strong fight on their hands. She has been through a lot and he has been traumatised by lost love once already. 

Another strong and driven female character that is great to read. Along with a slightly broken, cocky SOB. Match made in heaven!

We definately NEED to see a HEA for Casey next though, please!!!


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