Tough Love Review

Title: Tough Love

Author: Max Henry

Aww what a fantastic way to end such a tragic story! You’re definately gonna need some chocolate for this one ladies!

Starting off in a sterile hospital hallway we meet Amelia … distant, independent, damaged. A strong willed woman who has made her way in this life despite the lack of support from her family and friends after a terrible incident.

When her path crosses with a former lover, a lover who left her, emotions get tangled.

When life hands Evan North a second chance and he meets the one who got away, again, he is determined to not make the same mistakes twice!

A sordid history, a family torn apart. Can the woman she is now really let herself be vulnerable again? A fantastic second chance romance with a fantastic ending! This one will keep you glued to the chair and the pages turning til the end . 

As ever, a fantastic read from Max Henry!


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