The Silver Swan Review

Title: The Silver Swan 

Author: Amo Jones

Well I almost didn’t read this one! After all the crazy with Raze and Millie in Razing Grace part 1 ( part 2 (hrtp:// the warning about how dark and twisty this was. I have to admit… I was worried!

How much further can this crazy woman go! I mean we are running out of crazy sh*t to do here! It’s not dark in a Raze kind of way, and not twisty in a Beast kind of way. But is still both those things.

Madison is a new girl at a new school and the Elite Kings are this wierd sort of non gang, well … gang. They seem a bit strange, but then people with that much money often are. 

The dynamic between Nate and Madison is great, really light and casual, they could almost be brother and sister. You know, without the fighting, and the casual incestuous joke lol 
The ever brooding Brantley and increasing connection with Bishop draws you in and keeps the pages turning.

It’s not as dark as I was expecting, but I think the next book will be! This really lays the foundations down for who she thinks she is, who she is now, and has been for the past 17 years. Years that are now thrown into complete turmoil. 

There are hints all the way through about the impending explosion and the build up is amazing.  There are some hot as f*ck sex scenes, as to be expected, and a really great pace to the book. 

You are left reeling and waiting on bated breath for the next installment. Don’t be put off by the disclaimer, this is not as scary as you think. Just be prepared for an emotional rollercoaster!

Another amazing book by Amo Jones. I cannot wait for book 2!


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