Surrendering Review

Title: Surrendering
Author: Michelle Horst

Well, if I’m being honest. I had never heard of Michelle Horst before last week. A fellow blogger posted up looking for people to share some info on a new and exciting book. A book that has been banned by Amazon 😮 sounds like my cup of tea!

Having done some posting and sharing of the live links I really liked the synopsis and decided to give it a go myself!

And I’m really glad I did! This was a fabulous story and very well written. I absolutely flew through it and will be reading more by Michelle!

A lovely gentle story of learning to love and to trust. When your ability to trust is broken, it break something within you that is really hard to repair. When there is no one there willing and/or able to help you repair those broken pieces, well … we don’t all recover from that.

With a  lot of time, and patience, these two try to repair their broken pieces. But just like feathers in the wind, are they destined to stick together, or fall apart. What was once strong on the bird is now lose and drifting, will their romance be fleeting as the wind?

This was really beautifully put together, an absolutely fantastic read!


***The Book that’s too hot to handle is back!***

Liam Wright is the playboy at college. He’s part of the screw-crew.
It’s better to stay away from him, but you can’t tell your heart what to want.

He’ll judge me.

He won’t understand.

It’s easy to judge someone because of their past. I’m scared Liam will be just like all the other people.
But he doesn’t judge me. He comes into my life and refuses to leave. He doesn’t give up on me.
He helps me accept the guilt that lives inside of me, because it also lives inside of him.

We’re both damaged by the past.

We’re both looking for someone who will understand.

We’re both looking for someone we can surrender to.

But it’s hard surrendering all your broken pieces.

“Some feathers will fall along the way, but new ones will always grow back. It doesn’t make the old feathers less important because they kept you flying for so long – they kept you alive.”


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