Bullies Like Me Review 

Title: Bullies Like Me

Author: Lindy Zart

Lindy is a new to me author and I will definitely be reading more of her stuff!

There is such a depth of emotion and a real range of feeling in this book. I read the title and thought okay girl gets bullied girl becomes a bully, that’s the cycle, right?

Yes and no, there is so much more to this book than that! You are really drawn through the emotional process with the character, through bullied, breakdown, recovery, remission and the works. Not just with Lexie but also with Nick.

He is clearly disturbed, there are things he has witnessed or been a part of that have marred his soul. But when he meets Alexis he starts to heal. This is also the journey of two people finding themselves and each other. Healing, learning and loving.

For me, this book was really encapsulated by this quote:

“Because I want to be fearless for you, and that scares me”

Don’t we all want to be brave enough to face life head on knowing someone else is with us no matter what? Well, I do!

This is a fabulous read, I really struggled to put it down. It’s deep and emotionally raw in places, it really strips down your walls and makes you reassess who you are and what you stand for.

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If you can make it out of Enid High School alive, you can make it through anything.

Alexis is the new girl at school, and she’s ruthlessly bullied. Hopeless, and drowning in her present reality, she takes pills—lots of pills. She’s sent to a mental health facility, where she meets a boy. Only the boy can’t save her, and no one can save her from herself.

Nick has secrets. He wants to open up to Alexis, but there’s the dead boy who haunts him. In his dreams. While he’s awake. He wants to be brave, but he can’t tell her about his past, and he can’t leave the facility.

Melanie rules over the school, until a nobody named Lexie tries to disrupt her reign. She won’t allow that. She also can’t stop it. She plummets into notoriety, but she’s determined to take them all with her. The girl, the boy, and their secrets.



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