Into the Blood Review 

Title: Into The Blood

Author: BT Urruela

This is book two of the Broken Outlaw Series, read the review for book one here:

1 – Into The Nothing Review 

This book literally runs straight on from the first one, I read one straight after the other so no catch up required. This is the second part of the story rather than another story based around the same group of friends.

There is certainly plenty of action going on in this book! I’m not even sure where to start! I liked the continuation of the story and combination of new and old characters.

Okay so Xander is out of prison and adjusting back to civilian life. He finds out that things aren’t going well for his sister at the moment and decides that now is the time to complete the journey he set out on so long ago and find her. But once he gets there he bottles it and tells her he is someone else, what a big girl!

Things quickly spiral out of control and they all find themselves in one hell of a situation! I really liked the comraderie and teamwork even with outsiders. I enjoyed the back stories for the characters and thought they fit in well together, there were genuine connections throughout.

This is certainly a book that you are not going to want to put down once you start! The writing is great, the characters are fun, they are living life to the max!

There are some serious sections through the book and what feels to be real reflection from the author as to the changes when returning from war. There is joy, there is pain, there is family and love. This really is a story that has it all 😊


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Being released from prison, Xander Evans needs to find the sister he hasn’t seen in years. She holds the key to healing a past he hasn’t come to terms with. That desire has him making the difficult decision of leaving Paige behind. When he discovers just how much trouble Gabriela is in, he fears even he can’t help her survive.

After an ugly separation from the Army, Gabriela Michaels fell in with the wrong crowd. With a drug deal gone wrong, she now has a month to pay back more money than she ever could… or see her life come to a swift end.

Her former flame, Shane Presley, must unite a band of Broken Outlaws to save the woman he’s always loved.


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