Reads …

Okay so I have got loads to read at the minute!

I have just finished the Devil’s Highway by Golden Czermak.
I have just received my ARC of Wicked Impulse, so I need to read Sinful Intent and Unlawful Desire so that I can review this one too …
Edge of Bliss has arrived and needs reading and reviewing before the 21st Dec, I also wanted to read and review the other books in this series; Edge of Chaos, East of Redemption and Depths of Salvation (read and reviewed), but I’m not sure that I’m going to get chance
F*cker and Losing Traction by Amo Jones by 28th Dec

And I am still working through my HUGE list of books ready for FBBF17 … the list is strangely … getting longer!!

haha I will update on the FBBF17 list soon … still can’t believe that I got tickets! There are some amazing books being released this month!

Isabel Lucera’s Darkness Within

Golden Czermak’s The Devil’s Highway

Red Snow by WS Greer

Ink & Bone by Skyla Madi

and plenty of others!!


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