Darkness Within Review

Title: Darkness Within

Author: Isabel Lucero

Okay so you know I’ve talked about this book too much when your phone automatically completes the title and author for you haha

I have to admit that this was my first Isabel Lucero book, I have others downloaded waiting to be reading but this story is my first. It’s safe to say it won’t be my last!

I started it this morning … somewhere around 6.30am and I’d finished by 5pm. I’ve literally read this all day, my poor kids have had a rubbish day I’ve been so distracted in this amazing story!

Donovan .. oh Donovan. I love the story being told from his perspective. Is he the bad guy? Is he the good guy? Okay, so he’s clearly not the good guy but he’s not really that bad – is he?

Okay maybe he is, I still love him! I love the way Isabel has carefully hidden clues throughout the book and ties them all beautifully in the end. I could never have even guessed where this was going to end up and it’s done spectacularly.

I can’t say too much because I don’t want to give the game away but he is hot, he is messed up and we get a sneaky peek into his mind.

I am not a massive fan of standalone books, I much prefer a series that I can sink into. That being said this was done so spectacularly I’ll definitely be reading more!

There is enough depth to the characters that you can comfortably journey with them and feel their emotional turmoil. Trust me, with a character like Donovan that’s an eye opener! And without the baggage of lining up for the next book and lots of subtext links this is a really clean read!

Incase you can’t tell, I really liked it and everyone should read it! A massive well done to the lovely Isabel Lucero x

Goodreads- http://tinyurl.com/gpzu2d3
iTunes- https://itun.es/us/ic35eb.l
Amazon US- http://tinyurl.com/jtuh7jz
Amazon UK- http://tinyurl.com/zhgr7g6
Amazon AU- http://tinyurl.com/jzwav7m
B & N- http://tinyurl.com/zrb2m7k
Chapter One- http://tinyurl.com/gwz429m


The moment it happens, everything in me changes.

Imagine somebody was able to fit inside of your body. Their arms are the same length as yours. You’re both the same height. Everything is exactly the same. Now imagine that person not being a person at all. That thing inside of you is a shadow. Darkness. A silhouette of you, only living on the inside of your body. It doesn’t have a conscious. It doesn’t have a heart. Nothing within that darkness is remotely human. Its only goal is to take over your body. It fights against your muscles. It tries breaking through the skin. It wants to replace you. That’s what it feels like when the darkness that lives inside me starts trying to get out.

I feel it happening. The pressure builds. My skin prickles. And the only thing that tames it, getting it back to resting peacefully inside me, is to unleash it. I have to let it wreak havoc, and I quite enjoy the mayhem.

Analeigh Price comes into my life and does the one thing I hate; question me about my past. She can pretend she wants to get to know me all she wants, but she’s not ready for the truth. I won’t become a better person for her, because I am who I am. She can’t fix me, because my wounds are unfixable.

You see, I’m not like everybody else. Oh, no. I’m different. My humanity was stripped from me long ago, and those who are responsible are about to be paid a visit. You’ve never heard a story like mine, because I’m unlike anyone you’ve ever met. I’m no hero. I’m the guy you don’t want to piss off, because once the darkness within me is unleashed, it’ll be too late to get away.

What’s my name? It’s Donovan. Donovan James. But the darkness is taking over, and it’s only good at one thing, so I must go.



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