This week

Okay so it’s been quite a week!

I have done my first ever Beta read, which was for WS Greer. It was great, it took longer than a normal review would, but it was great and the feedback I gave was helpful !

I have also managed to bag myself two VIP tickets for FBBF 17 for my husband and I and am over the moon we’ll be able to attend. Another reader has posted up a link with all free or 99p books from attending authors so I’ve been through and down loaded those. I will do an updated list  of authors and their books over the next few days.

I have also been in touch with some of the other bloggers on FBBF and am working on an author blog tour. So each week between here and the event one of the blogs hosts one of the authors , gives author info, books links and a giveaway. Seemed like a good way to increase traffic for the authors and the blogs and could between fun too 😊

I’ll do an updated list on the books I have to read and have read soon!


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