OMG totally doing a little happy dance … River Savage is coming!

I have absolutely loved some of the books I’ve read from confirmed authors but up until now they have all been new to me authors and while the books are great and I’m actually really enjoying connecting with so many new authors … this is River freaking Savage!

It’s been nearly two hours since to saw the announcement and I’m still doing an excited happy dance!

As we’ll only get two hours in the VIP section (let’s be fair that’s what we are going for!) I’ve been trying to hold it down to just a few authors to see so that I can spend time chatting with everyone but the list is just getting longer and longer. 

I can’t believe the organisers are already booking people in for the following year as well! I’ve offered assistance if required, although I’m sure plenty of people have too 🙂 

I’ll do another post soon updating what I’ve read by who and what is on my TBR soon!


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