Four Brits Books Fest 2017 (FBBF17)

Okay, well, I’ve been doing lots of reading and reviewing recently and not a great deal of thinking about books LOL although they are constantly on my mind.

I really enjoyed my first ever BLOG TOUR with Golden Czermak and Seal of Solomon and we had a great response to the giveaway that was done for it, over 700 people came for a look and that was fab!

I have been going through a number of ARCs recently as well as some new authors recommended by the Furious King himself; Mr Golden Czmerak. I have along the way found a new group of bloggers and readers who are getting ready for signing next year in the UK!

There is a signing in Manchester, UK next November and it is being run by the Four Brits – how exciting! They are still in the process of announcing all the authors, I’ve been a bit cheeky and messaged a few that I know might be interested in coming too, but they have a whole series already confirmed! Eek!

Well, I have never been to a book signing. Unless, I guess, if you include going to Waterstones one day and an author was there with lots of books and nobody to talk to so we had a little chat for 10 minutes and he signed a book for me. But … it wasn’t really planned, or intentional, and the book was reasonably good at least!

So I am hoping to be able to get tickets for the husband and I to be able to go. It’s November 2017 so the youngest will be nearly 2 years old and able to stay with someone for a couple of hours by then. If I manage to get some of the VIP tickets then we can be in and out and back without the kids in a morning, that would be so super awesomely amazing!

I have been really enjoying the announcement nights, they are fab! There are plenty of giveaways and some amazing new authors to meet and chat with. I have won free books and been added into new arcs and blog groups and all sorts, its fabulous. I am going to be putting some money away ready for the signing next year so I can get books and bits and bobs while we are there without having to worry about the HUGE cost, because I’ll want everything!

So far the confirmed authors are

Terri Anne Browning
Beth Ehemann
WS Greer
RL Griffin
SK Hartley
Amo Jones
Lesley Jones
K Langston
Molly E Lee
Isabel Lucero
KC Lynn
Corinne Michaels
Monica Murphy
Krista & Becca Ritchie
LJ Shen
J Sterling
Lindy Zart

So far, all but one of these authors are new to me, so I’ve got plenty to be working through LOL I am in the process of reading Kingpin by WS Greer, this is the first in a two part series that he has gifted me to read and review. I have book 1 and 3 of a series by Molly E Lee to read, I will buy book 2 so that I can read all of them together in order and will read and review those too.

There are a couple of books that have been posted recently or discussed in the announcements that have grabbed my eye so hopefully I will get time to go through some of the below in the not so distant future:

Monica Murphy – Just Friends
Lesley Jones – Spiralling Skywards
Izabel Lucero – Think Again
KC Lynn

I already have on my kindle to read and review:

WS Greer – Kingpin (Book 1)
WS Greer – Long Live the King (Book 2)
Molly E Lee – Edge of Chaos (Book 1)
Molly E Lee – East of Redemption (Book 2)
Molly E Lee – Depths of Salvation (Book 3)

There are still plenty of authors to be announced between here and November, when the tickets go on sale, so I’m reasonably sure that this list is going to get longer LOL

I will be posting up reviews and updates as we go along over the next 14 months, providing I manage to get tickets of course!


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