Resisting Review

Title: Resisting
Author: Chelle Bliss
Cover: MG Book Covers

This is a novella, part of the Men of Inked series, looking at when Izzy and James met at a wedding 🙂

I love Izzy and James! I knew this was going to be one super hot get together and it certainly didn’t disappoint!

They are both such strong characters it was always going to be an explosive combination and having read about their meet in some of the other books it was clear that this was going to be amazing!

It was fabulous to be able to see the lead up and a snippet into her and flash but get a really good look at what she sees in him and him in her in their first few conversations. I enjoyed their book and the banter between them, it’s lovely to see the fun in this budding ‘relationship’ and look forward to seeing where they end up x


Chelle Bliss Resiting


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