Broken is a book by Skyla Madi, it is the first in a series of eight novellas that she is writing. Recently she sold the rights to this set to Limitless Publishing and this first book has been re released under its new title ‘Blood and Rust’ with an additional 8000 words!

I really enjoyed Broken the first time round and am in the process of reading Blood and Rust. I love the two main characters, they are very chalk and cheese at this point, I will post up the full review once I’ve finished but Emily is one of my favourite female characters. Her strength of will and ability to see beauty in even the darkest place is truly enviable 🙂

Keep your eyes open for the full review being posted soon! When the baby gives me chance to finish readying the book LOL

Title: Broken
Author: Skyla Madi
Cover: Madi Design

broken series


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