Ashton Scott …

Well I guess we aught to start with what I am reading at the minute!

The lovely Nina Levine is back and well on form showing us a new way to write and read books – she is teasing the faithful followers each week with a little snippet of the book. Not just a teaser here and a teaser there in preparation for a book launch but actually sending the book in tiny chunks out to her readers!

This is such a fabulous way to do a book, albeit a touch evil. Us, the readers, are on tenterhooks waiting for the next installment.

I have just received, and read through my 4 month olds nap, Episode 3 of the wonderful Ashton Scott. Let me tell you about Ashton … he is your stereotypical born into money man. He knows what he wants and he is going to get it. Nobody says NO to Ashton Scott. I have a funny feeling that under all that there is a heart of gold. Last week we saw snippets of how he loves deeply those in his inner circle; his best friend Jack and his sister and children and I can see our leading lady falling head over heels for that, if she ever gets close enough.

The lovely Lorelei is new in this big bad business world and is not cut from the same cloth. She is sweet and gentle and trying to find her way in this world, but make no mistake, she is not a pushover! She has a big heart, one that is worn on her sleeve, and that may be her downfall as we go on through the episodes.

So this week Ashton has talked Lorelei into going out for lunch, he of course has taken her to a fabulous restaurant and she has drunk more wine than she aught to. He has sought her out and seen a little of the person she is, the kind person helping a friend, before sweeping her off her feet at lunch. She has got to see a little of the, hopefully, ‘real’ Ashton hidden underneath the business exterior and likes it! Of course, there is a spark between them, one that she is denying and he is hoping is just the thrill of the chase. I am really looking forward to seeing where this story goes and the ups and downs that come through before their Happily Ever After – but i’ve got to wait another week before the next Ashton Episode 😦


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